Tip of the Week – Easy-Peel Garlic!

Garlic. Is there really anything more perfect?

Loaded with vitamins B6 and C, garlic has long been used for its antibiotic and anti fungal properties, and to ward off evil. I mean seriously, ask anyone who cooks with garlic if they’ve ever had a major problem with Vampires.

But the best use of this pungent bulb is to eat it. Minced, mashed chopped or roasted, garlic adds flavor to any dish. Fresh garlic is far superior to any jarred, packaged or powdered variety. But many people forego the bulb because it can be tricky to peel the individual garlic cloves.

Here are a few tips that may make it easier for you to enjoy the most aromatic member of the lily family:

  • Microwave garlic cloves for 15 seconds and the skins slip right off!
  • Lay a clove on a cutting board, and whack it with the broad side of a chef’s knife. The papery peel will come right off.
  • Or, try this cool trick when peeling many cloves at once (from Saveur Magazine):

Now that you are peel-savvy, stay tuned for a delicious recipe using fresh Garlic!

Teri & Samantha ❀

2 thoughts on “Tip of the Week – Easy-Peel Garlic!

  1. Again, the microwave to the rescue! I Hate peeling garlic but I love cooking with it. Thanks for the great tip and I look forward any recipe with garlic!

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